A. International Orders Guide

If you live outside of Japan,
we suggest you use the AbHerï Onlinestore below.
AbHerï Onlinestore for overseas ▶
*If you live in Japan, please use the existing online store.

About Orders

  • We will make your jewelry after receiving your order.
  • It takes about two months from order (payment) to shipping.
  • For shipping to overseas, you can order at the duty free price of the item plus shipping charges.
  • In addition to the above amount, customs duties and fees may apply depending on the country.

About shipping and fees

  • Items are generally shipped via FedEx.
  • 【Countries that ship via FedEx】
  • The following areas are available for shipping.
  • Please contact us if you have any questions about shipping to countries not listed below.
  • *If we find that we cannot ship to a country after payment has been made, another shipping method will be considered.
  • *Due to the temporary suspension of regular FedEx flights due to COVID 19 from 2020/04, all flights will be Priority flights.
1st area
Standard (Economy) : 7,000 yen / Priority : 14,000 yen
Mainland of China、Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Korea, Republic of the Philippines, Vietnam, Macao
2nd area
Economy : ¥8,000 / Priority : ¥15,000
India, Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada, Mexico, Mongolia
3rd area
Economy : ¥10,000 / Priority : ¥18,000
Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Germany, United Kingdom, Italy, United Arab Emirates, Ireland, Netherland, Austria, Greece, Greenland , Switzerland, Sweden, Spain, Denmark, Norway, Hungary, vatican city, Finland, France, Kingdom of Belgium, Portugal, Poland, Monaco, Luxembourg, State of Israel, Panama
4th area
Economy : ¥12,000 / Priority : ¥20,000
Bangladesh, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Russia, Turkey, Iceland, Bulgaria, Maldives
【 For shipments shipped to mainland China by customs broker 】
Shipments will be cleared and delivered by FedEx.
Orders under 99,999 yen ・・・・ 20,000 yen per piece
Orders over 100,000 yen ・・・・ 20% of the total price
  • *Shipping charges and per item charges are to be paid separately.
  • *We will need a photo or copy of your ID card for customs clearance.
  • *According to Chinese customs regulations, there is a limit for individuals to import items of 1,000 RMB (about 18,000 yen or more) at a time.
    Therefore, if you buy more than one item, we will have to ship them separately.
    In this case, you will need to provide ID cards of plural people.

About customs duties

  • Customs duties in the importing country will be charged by yourself.

After-sales service

  • Please contact us if you need repair or resizing after your purchase.
  • Please note that we may not be able to accept repair depending on the contents.
  • If we are able to do so, the customer will be responsible for all shipping and handling costs from overseas to Japan.