International Orders Guide

If you live outside of Japan,
we suggest you use the AbHerï Onlinestore below.

※If you live in Japan, please use the existing online store.

About Orders

We will make your jewelry after receiving your order.

It takes about two months from order (payment) to shipping.

For shipping to overseas, you can order at the duty free price of the item plus shipping charges.

In addition to the above amount, customs duties and fees may apply depending on the country.

About shipping and fees

Items are generally shipped via FedEx.

【Countries that ship via FedEx】

The following areas are available for shipping.

Please contact us if you have any questions about shipping to countries not listed below.

*If we find that we cannot ship to a country after payment has been made, another shipping method will be considered.

*Due to the temporary suspension of regular FedEx flights due to COVID 19 from 2020/04, all flights will be Priority flights.

1st area

Standard (Economy) : 7,000 yen / Priority : 14,000 yen

Mainland of China、Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Korea, Republic of the Philippines, Vietnam, Macao

2nd area

Economy : ¥8,000 / Priority : ¥15,000

India, Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada, Mexico, Mongolia

3rd area

Economy : ¥10,000 / Priority : ¥18,000

Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Germany, United Kingdom, Italy, United Arab Emirates, Ireland, Netherland, Austria, Greece, Greenland , Switzerland, Sweden, Spain, Denmark, Norway, Hungary, vatican city, Finland, France, Kingdom of Belgium, Portugal, Poland, Monaco, Luxembourg, State of Israel, Panama

4th area

Economy : ¥12,000 / Priority : ¥20,000

Bangladesh, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Russia, Turkey, Iceland, Bulgaria, Maldives

【For shipments shipped to mainland China by customs broker】

Shipments will be cleared and delivered by FedEx.

Orders under 99,999 yen ・・・・ 20,000 yen per piece

Orders over 100,000 yen ・・・・ 20% of the total price

*Shipping charges and per item charges are to be paid separately.

*We will need a photo or copy of your ID card for customs clearance.

*According to Chinese customs regulations, there is a limit for individuals to import items of 1,000 RMB (about 18,000 yen or more) at a time.

Therefore, if you buy more than one item, we will have to ship them separately.

In this case, you will need to provide ID cards of plural people.

About customs duties

Customs duties in the importing country will be charged by yourself.

After-sales service

Please contact us if you need repair or resizing after your purchase.

Please note that we may not be able to accept repair depending on the contents.

If we are able to do so, the customer will be responsible for all shipping and handling costs from overseas to Japan.